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Hey people of the tumblr world,

I’m really not that sure what to put in this page, or how to put it but I guess if you clicked into here you probably want to know a bit about me.

No interesting stalker worthy material here sorry, no aristocratic family, no gangland feud, nothing really all that interesting, but despite all that I shall tell you a bit anyways.

This used to be an essay, then i realised no one wants to read an essay so here is me in point form!

- The name’s Tiffanie

- 18

- Born and raised in Sydney, Australia

- First year at University of Sydney

- Studying to hopefully become a vet :)

- Would love to travel around Europe though (BUT WHERE IS THE $$$$$)

- I like a lot of things, so my tumblr is a cumulation of many things

- Would love to move out to sydney CBD and surrounds by 2017

- Am double jointed

- Aiming to use tumblr a bit more this year!

AND! if you ever want to say anything to me, whether it’s a question, a comment, pointing out an error or just a friendly conversation, please feel free to do so! My ask box is always open :)