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david hockney painting his pool

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Alright dad, if you insist that I get one ☺️ #whatlactoseintolerance (at Dairy Bell Ice Cream)


Lomography Camera of the Day - Nikon FM2


Krakow, Poland (by RoCam)


Textile art by Mr. Finch

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Sample these sharp and rich black and white photos taken with the New Russar+ lens!

Everything that can be considered a “classic” will always be relevant because good taste never goes out of style. This is very much the point with the New Russar+ lens from Lomography!

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Alda Villiljós - My home of fire and ice, 2014

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Hello!  Most of my work is of natural settings from the places I travel to. I’ve also begun to explore animal photography and included my favorite close up shot I captured of a Bengal tiger. All of my work is shot on a Canon 5D Mark II or a Canon 5D Mark III.

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